In order to export any entities using Export Manager you would need to create an Export Template. Head to Templates page under Export Manager section to see your exsisting templates and create new one

Initializing a template

  1. Click on Add New in the top right corner to create new template

  2. In the Entity field select entity that you would like to export with this template. Export Manager offers a variety of entities, including Products, Categories, Attributes, Manufacturers, etc.

  3. Input a Name for your template. Name serves only informational purpose for you and other administrators of the website.

  4. Click on Save and Continue Edit to initialize your template.

  5. Select file Format that will be used for this template. Import Manager supports a variety of file formats: CSV (Comma Separated Value Files), XML, XLSX (Excel Spreadsheets), TXT

  6. Input an export file name. Exported data will be saved to the file with this name. You do not need to input file extension, only the name. You can use the following tokens in the file name for current date and time: %yyyy% - year, %mm% - month, %dd% - day, %hh% - hour, %mi% - minute.

  7. If you want the file to be compressed into an archive, check Compress File option.

  8. In the Save the feed file option select appropriate saving method. None - file will be downloaded in your browser when you click Export Now. Folder - file will be saved to a folder on the server. Input folder path after you select this option. FTP/FTPS/SFTP - file will be saved to an FTP/FTPS/SFTP server. Input server details and credentials after you select this option.

  9. Admin Coment serves only informational purpose to other website administrators about this template and can be left emply.

You can't change entity after initialization of a template

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