Export properties of products, categories, manufactures, create pictures, localized values, etc. to external spreadsheet files


Export Manager is a powerful plugin that allows users to export data to CSV, XLSX, TXT, and XML files from your store. It is fully compatible with existing products, categories and manufacturers. The plugin comes with full documentation to help users get started.

Export Manager enables users to export all properties of products, categories, manufacturers, and any other nopCommerce items, including localized values. It also allows users to export specification attributes and product attributes.

Export Manager offers an unlimited number of custom export templates, and allows users to configure templates quickly and easily. It provides detailed reports about export results, and allows users to export to FTP, SFTP, server folders, or directly download files.


  • Fully compatible with existing products and other items

  • Exports to CSV, XLSX, TXT, or XML files

  • Full documentation

  • All properties of products, categories, manufacturers, and any other nopCommerce items

  • Localized values for products, categories, etc.

  • Export of related products, cross-sell patterns, tier prices

  • Export of specification attributes, options, product attributes

  • Unlimited number of custom export templates

  • Simple and fast configuration of a template

  • Detailed reports about export results

  • Exports to FTP, SFTP, server folders, or direct file downloads

  • Automatic exports by schedule

  • ACL mapping, Store mapping

In case you encounter an issue, you can contact us via support@foxnetsoft.com

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